Global Entrepreneurship Week is Almost Here: Orlando is Ready! (BIG EXCHANGE)

Have you caught the entrepreneurship bug yet? If not, now is the time…literally!

Global Entrepreneurship week is kicking off this upcoming Monday, November 17th. Whether you are currently an entrepreneur, or aspire to become one, it is time to partake in the festivities with fellow entrepreneurs around the world…in other words it is time to get to work!

In my last post I wrote about the Strength Finders 2.0 and Myers Briggs Assessments, two resources that can help us better understand ourselves and others. We all have our own unique gifts, strengths and talents. When we come together and align our respective gifts on the common goal of solving BIG problems we can make a BIG impact. This will be occurring right in my backyard next week in Orlando, Fl as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

THE BIG EXCHANGE: Orlando’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration.

The BIG EXCHANGE is Orlando’s one week long celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Teams of Thinkers, Artists, Makers & Educators will come together to solve our most pressing problems together through a series of workshops that awaken your inner entrepreneur and bring your unique gifts to the table.

THE BIG EXCHANGE : Who Should Attend?

If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, solving problems, and making an IMPACT….you don’t want to miss this event!

At THE BIG Exchange you’ll find a great mix of people such as Thinkers, Makers, Artists and Educators. When you get great people together…good things happen.

Thinkers, Makers, Artists and Educators

This week-long event will especially be good for you to attend if you:

  • Have a desire to be entrepreneurial, but are missing an idea.
  • Have an idea, but need a helping hand from others to bring your vision to life.
  • Are looking to give back to entrepreneurs through mentorship and sharing what you have learned.
  • Are an investor in Central Florida looking to make connections in the entrepreneurial community.
  • Are a skilled artist, or maker looking to be a part of a new and exciting venture.
  • Want to be inspired and energized through the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Are seeking to better understand your own gifts and how they can add value through entrepreneurship


The week is packed full of activities and events. I’ve added a schedule for all the festivities below:

Orlando s BIG Exchange  Schedule


THE BIG EXCHANGE: $20k+ prize package

The winning team of Orlando’s BIG EXCHANGE will earn $20,000 in prizes.  This awesome prize package will help fuel the concept they created and planned into existence.



To join in the celebration of Orlando’s BIG EXCHANGE get your tickets today.


THE BIG EXCHANGE: Join in Online

If you cannot make all of the events, don’t worry! You can follow the conversation and events online. THE BIG EXCHANGE team has partnered with Got-Chosen to implement a program called social exchange. This will allow you to stay connected with the event anytime and anywhere.



You can also follow the conversation via Twitter by following  , the hashtag:   or on Facebook.


THE BIG EXCHANGE: See you there!

Visit to learn more and get involved today. I will be attending a number of the events throughout the week as my schedule permits. I hope to see you there!

Happy Global Entrepreneurship week everyone!

Cheers to making a BIG IMPACT.

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