BLOG TALK TV: My Chat on Business Blogging, My book and more

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Blog Talk TV, a television show airing to 1.5 million households weekly in Virginia and Florida. I sat down with the hosts of the show Bess Auer and Ben Reed to discuss business blogging, my blogging journey and book Land More Customers through Online Marketing. You can […]

Billion Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge: One person’s loss is another person’s lead

If you’ve spent any time around my blog you know that I am a big fan of basketball. I was enthralled with it in my younger days and even played a year in college. March Madness is a very exciting time for many basketball fans like myself across the country. It’s the time of the […]

The World is Changing…Are you Prepared? Internet Trends 2013

Many of the entrepreneurs I know, including myself, are guilty at times of working too much in their business instead of on it. The day to day operations sometimes drive us to do what is urgent versus what is truly important. As an entrepreneur it is very important to dedicate time to focus on the […]

Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy

As a movement gains traction and momentum it often compounds.  It all starts with a leader (innovator)…someone  willing to take a chance at the risk of looking ridiculous.  The first visible follower is an integral part of the success of a movement…as is the second follower.  These early adopters show people how to follow, but […]

Ad 2 Orlando – Diversity Dialogue recap

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to participate in the second annual Diversity Dialogue, which was hosted by Ad 2 Orlando.  The event, which was held at the Orlando Science Center, focused on discussing the topic of diversity in advertising and marketing.   Joel Montilla, head of the diversity committee for Ad 2 Orlando […]


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