Super Bowl Commercials – The battle of the brands

Super Bowl 2014 infographic FINAL

It's that time of the year again! Two teams are going to battle it out this Sunday to earn the right to be NFL Super Bowl champions. My team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had a disappointing season and fell just short of making the playoffs. Truth be … [Continue reading]

The Business Plan Template that helped me win over $18,500!

Business plan competition - UCF Joust

Howdy fellow and perspective entrepreneurs, Today I am sharing a valuable resource with you. As entrepreneurs you have to think about a lot - your products & services, operations, marketing, funding, industry trends, sales, and more. It helps … [Continue reading]

Recognizing and Surviving Entrepreneur Growing Pains

entrepreneur growing pains

My clients, mentors and most of my closest friends all have one major thing in common...they are all entrepreneurs. This being the case, you could imagine that I spend a lot of time around those involved in entrerpreneurship! I am with entrepreneurs … [Continue reading]

10 timeless lessons from Nelson Mandela to achieve success in business & life


An entrepreneurial venture or endeavor often starts with recognizing a problem and leading the charge to develop a value-added offering to solve that problem. An entrepreneur has a vision in his mind for a better future that could exist if things … [Continue reading]

Want your Startup to be Successful? Make Powerful RHYMES

Startup RHYMES

You want your venture to take off...yes it's true. It hasn't yet and you're feeling blue. Wondering what you need to do? Make Powerful RHYMES to see your vision through. Ok...that was corny. I know. But, hear me out. Last week I was reflecting … [Continue reading]


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