10 Things a Start-up Entrepreneur’s Valentine Should Know

This is a guest post written by my wife, then girlfriend Lindsay Ament (@Lindsay273) in 2009. Yep, I put a ring on it!

Fast forward to 2015, she has since taken her plunge into entrepreneurship and is living her dream job while creating a positive impact in people’s lives.

Tips for Entrepreneur Valentines

Since it is Valentines Day I spent some time reflecting on my wonderful relationship of three and a half years with my boyfriend David. However, being the girlfriend of an entrepreneur is challenging but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. So for those of you in the same boat as me, hang in there it will be well worth it! Here are some tips that I found helpful: 🙂

  • Block Out Calls, Emails & Notifications:

You must be able to block out the alerts coming from the cell phone. It will drive you nuts with all of the e-mails, phone calls/text messages and Twitter updates.

  • Don’t Expect Lots of Room on the Bookshelf:

Only expect a tiny little corner of the bookshelf. Most likely the book shelf will be completely stacked with books like “Future Millionaires”, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Founders at Work”.

  • Tell him dinner will be ready in advance:

Let him know that dinner is ready about 10-15 mins before it actually is. Therefore, he can finish his e-mail, conversation on Twitter or phone call in a timely manner before his food gets cold. I can’t tell you how many meals I’ve had to microwave.

  • Be Supportive through ups & downs:

Always be supportive. Being the girlfriend or wife of an entrepreneur requires you to be their support through the many ups and downs of the roller coaster ride.

  • Be prepared to move:

You may have to move across the country because he needs to go to the state/city that will be best for his venture.

  • Networking on Overdrive:

Be prepared for him to NETWORK everywhere you go!

  • Lots of Computer Time:

Be prepared for him to be in front of or at least near his computer 75% of the day

  • Filled-up DVR:

TV shows like BIG IDEA will be filling up your DVR

  • Be okay to go to bed alone:

Get used to going to bed alone. Especially if you work early and want to get at least 8 hrs of sleep. Most likely he will finally shut off the computer and crawl into bed around 2 or 3 am.

  • Understand him:

Most importantly, understand that you are with an extremely motivated, self disciplined and inspired person, be proud of them. It takes special people to be entrepreneurs.

Not bad for her first post huh? Thanks for being the best & most understanding girlfriend ever! Happy Valentines day babe!

– David

Do you have any helpful tips that you would add to the list? If so drop them in the comments below.

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  1. Great post Lindsey! I must admit that I have one of those books. However, my DVR gets filled with Judge Judy 🙂


  2. Found this site almost by accident and now discovering the great content here – thanks!

  3. Halarious post – forwarding this to my girlfriend right now!

  4. Loved this post. My boyfriend Nick sent it to me right away and I have to agree with everything you have written. I have experienced at least 75% of it already 🙂 And you’re right, it is worth it.

  5. Hi Nicole! I’m glad you liked the post and that you can relate. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

  6. Thanks Nick! I’m glad you liked it! Remember how hard it can be for your girlfriend! lol But as she said as well, its all worth it. Glad you got a laugh!

  7. I am satisfy this nice topic related good and nice article.

  8. Lindsay, you are such a studette! What a great post. You will always be David’s #1 priority in life. All the money in the world couldn’t replace you. Remember that! You and David will always find a way to meet somewhere in the middle. He knows not to take you for granted, even though at times it may seem like that. Call Cathy anytime – she will happily guide you through the “life with an entrepreneur” life! Happy Valentines Day to both you guys – it has been great getting to know the two of you!

  9. Wow Lindsey, great post you are so right about that. I used to set up everything for my man before I went to bed, because he got up b4 me. His clothes, the cereal box and bowl, His lunch made and ready in the fridge. It helped him to not have to think too much. There are many ways to help your man. And yes it is challenging.

  10. Thanks Nick! I’m glad you liked it! Remember how hard it can be for your girlfriend! 😉

  11. Love these guest posts by Lindsay! She should definitely do more of them for sure! Tips were spot on!

    Till then,


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