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I have over 15 years of start up and digital marketing experience.  I have worked with hundreds of startups, as well as over 1,000 second stage companies ($1M+ in revenue) to grow their business. I’ve founded numerous businesses spanning technology, finance, real estate and e-commerce – including Brand Advance, a marketing agency founded in 2009 that has generated millions of dollars in sales.

I’m also a best selling digital marketing author (Land More Customers), have won numerous business plan competitions, and have been featured in the most popular entrepreneurship textbooks Successfully Launching New Ventures & interviewed on Fox, ABC & CBS about topics such as entrepreneurship & internet marketing.

At this time I am very selective on the clients I choose to work with.

I’m most interested in working with early stage tech and tech enabled companies and focus primarily on adding value in the areas of online lead generation, business model & business plan development, financial modeling, and investor pitch assistance.

See what clients I’ve worked with are saying…

“David just made such a huge impact on my business. He furnished so many deliverables and they were all the things that I was struggling with. These were the things that I could not quite wrap my brain around and with his deliverables, they were exactly what I needed and I didn’t not know that I needed them. He knew what we needed and I did not and that is where part of the confusion was in my head and he pretty much just gave it to me on a silver platter and said “Here is what you need to work on”. It has made a difference.”

Renee L, Entrepreneur in Kansas

“David’s work was really great. He showed us what we didn’t even know existed with regard to social media and marketing. The keyword research and help with Google AdWords was also awesome.”

Ron M, Entrepreneur in Florida

“This is all very good information and as far as I’m concerned directly impacts our ability to expand our business, reach new clients and markets. It is all great information to have. I wish we had it 8 months ago! We are now coming at this from behind the 8 ball. The wheels are in motion and now we are trying to scramble to get all of this into place. If we could have done this a year ago it would have helped.”

Jamie K,  Entrepreneur in Louisiana

“David Brim was awesome, he really hit the areas that would help us specifically knowing our target clientele we are looking for. He also helped our branding and even made the suggestion for the domain for the company’s which I really liked and use now. The information provided was extremely valuable and has really shaped the future for my business. I’d work with David any time.”

Zach R, Entrepreneur in Louisiana

“David is great to work with, knowledgeable and helped us tremendously with improving our website and all the benefits of LinkedIn.”

Richard S, Entrepreneur in Michigan


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