Everything you should know about Internet Defamation

The tech-infused world we live in makes it easy to connect with others, share and speak your mind. Blogs, video sharing websites such as YouTube, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give everyone who has something to say a voice and a platform for others to receive their message. These tools and networks…

Looking to Gallop out of the Rat Race? Rich Dad, Poor Dad & the game CashFlow can help

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my life. Interestingly enough it was my then girlfriend (Lindsay), now wife, who bought me the book when we were still in college. Little did she know that this gift would inspire me to move from Pittsburgh to Orlando and aggressively pursue my journey of becoming an entrepreneur…

33 valuable life lessons I learned from basketball
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33 valuable life lessons I learned from basketball

With the NCAA basketball tournament winding down I couldn’t help but think how many seniors played their final college basketball game. I know how it feels. Though several athletes will be fortunate enough to make it to the next level, most will not.  My basketball journey was full of excitement and disappointment. Fun and frustration….

Billion Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge: One person’s loss is another person’s lead

If you’ve spent any time around my blog you know that I am a big fan of basketball. I was enthralled with it in my younger days and even played a year in college. March Madness is a very exciting time for many basketball fans like myself across the country. It’s the time of the…

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Looking to build a start-up? The Business Model Canvas can help

This past Friday (2/21/14) I was a judge in UCF’s business model competition. I’ve judged multiple business plan competitions in the past, but the business model competition was very different. Rather than focus on the business opportunity, the unique offering, team and likelihood for success; the business model competition focuses on the journey that the…


Defining, Creating and Maintaining Your Company Culture

Like many other small business owners and entrepreneurs I struggle at times with the balance of working “on my business” versus “in it”. Creating and maintaining a unique, positive, collaborative and energizing company culture is something that I always knew was important and valued, but it seems that making a conscious effort into developing one…