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GroupTable’s First promotion

By: David Brim

GroupTable had it’s first official promotion today…Awww our baby is growing up 🙂 The event occurred at UCF from 8:00 am until about 4:00 pm. Several current GroupTable users volunteered to help us spread the word and it really made the event a success in my book. We handed out promotional material, jammed to some music, and ate some pizza. Overall it was a lot of fun…I’ll keep everyone posted on when the next one will be. Here’s some pictures of the event:

Funny Viral Video Compilation

By: David Brim

Great compilation of viral videos & concepts from the last few years…It will def bring back memories and it’s really funny, check it out

Also check out GroupTable to manage your student projects and study groups

Some cool sites I’ve found over the last few months

By: David Brim

Over the last few months I have come across some really cool sites…Some from working at IZEA , some from using Stumble Upon, some from just being around social media more. Below is a short list:

  • Rock Start Up: Izea’s web 2.0 reality show
  • Social Spark Izea’s innovative platform that connects advertisers and bloggers.
  • Twitter : A micro-blogging site that allows you to constantly stay connected to your friends
  • A web 2.0 logo creator
  • College Mogul A blog that talks about recent start ups by college students and recent grads (They featured GroupTable in an article here)
  • Mint: A Financial site that allows you to manage all of your account balances from one central location. It gives you a break down on spending habits, enables you to set and monitor your budgets and more.
  • Pandora: A site that allows you to listen to free music online from your favorite artists. It allows you to create your own channels based on a song or artist you like then recommends & plays songs you will most likely enjoy.
  • Funny Commercials
  • Just a funny video of a bird dancing to back street boys

Hope you guys enjoy…by the way be sure to check out the collaboration site GroupTable we are starting to gain user traction and lots of attention.


Banana Phone

By: David Brim

This video is really funny…but now I can’t get the damn song stuck out of my head… This satiric video pokes fun at what technology might bring in the future…It’s a phone with “A-Peel”…A banana phone..Def a stretch but very funny none the less… Ring Ring Ring Ring…Banana Phone!


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