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A Transformation

By: David Brim

Over the next few weeks I will be transforming this blog’s content from strictly GroupTable information to my thoughts on social media, marketing, being a young entrepreneur and basically anything I want to discuss…Don’t worry I’ll still keep everyone posted on GroupTable updates.


GroupTable Updates

By: David Brim

I’ll try to keep this updated more frequently…I’ve been extremely busy recently. We are currently in the midst of looking for an additional web designer/web developer to join our team or do some free lance work. If any one knows of anybody who might be a good fit please let me know.


GroupTable on College Mogul

By: David Brim

College Mogul recently wrote an article about GroupTable. College Mogul is a blog and online resource for college entrepreneurship. They profile and review new and existing companies led by students and young entrepreneurs as well as report all news relevant to collegiate entrepreneurial activity.

Click the link below to read the article.

*College Mogul was shut down at some point and the link is no longer active and has been removed.


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