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By: David Brim

There is a really cool collaborative software application that we created and released called GroupTable. GroupTable empowers college students by allowing them to manage all of their academic interactions, group projects and study groups in one place. GroupTable increases student’s efficiency, saves them time and helps them get better grades by maximizing the power of their group interactions and bringing them conveniently online the way our generation likes to work.

Many students are often involved in organizations, work, have an active social life, are taking a full course load and much more. Finding time to meet with a study group or a group project team can be very challenging. Group Table allows students to meet with their groups just as if they were all together. Students can collaborate in real time or post discussions openly at the class level, or privately within their group. Students can also store files in their personal binder for easy access any where online or store them in their group binder to share with other group members. It’s definitely going to be a hit amongst the college crowd.

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