12 Solid Runways to Help Your Venture Take Flight

Earlier this week I met with an entrepreneur that has had a business for quite sometime, but it has been very stagnant for years. He works a full time job and has never focused full time on the venture. Consequently the venture has not reached its potential. He wants to take his business to the […]

007 Ways to Digitally Spy on your Competition

In business it is often said that only the strong survive.  The businesses that adapt to their environment the most effectively greatly increase their chances of surviving, or better yet thriving. But so do the companies resourceful enough to learn from them. Developing trade secrets, creating innovative offerings, and tracking market changes can take a lot of time, […]

Will infrastructure projects and tax reductions improve the economy?

Over the last seven years, I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know Chris Gibbons, the founder of Economic Gardening. Economic Gardening is an entrepreneurial approach to economic development that focuses on growing second-stage companies within communities across the country, as compared to traditional economic development initiatives that focus on recruiting […]

1,000+ Startup & Growth Companies Analyzed – Ideal Criteria for Success

When I was in college at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) I was introduced to many leaders in the community who had been very successful entrepreneurs that transitioned into successful angel investors and/or venture capitalists. I had the opportunity to pitch many of these investors during business plan competitions. You could think of these competitions like SharkTank, before […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week is Almost Here: Orlando is Ready! (BIG EXCHANGE)

Have you caught the entrepreneurship bug yet? If not, now is the time…literally! Global Entrepreneurship week is kicking off this upcoming Monday, November 17th. Whether you are currently an entrepreneur, or aspire to become one, it is time to partake in the festivities with fellow entrepreneurs around the world…in other words it is time to get […]


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