How to Effectively Use Google insights for Search

With Hurricane Irene heading towards the coast of Florida I’ve had several companies ask me how they can better focus their keyword research and search engine strategies to take advantage of this. I thought I would share a tool that can be very valuable in this situation and many others. Google Insights for search is […]

10 Local Marketing Tips to Drive Business Your Way

Recently a business owner reached out to me for assistance in marketing his business in a local market.  After writing a response to his questions I thought that others would be able to benefit from the information that I shared with him so I decided to share it with my readers. I need some help […]

What Every Business Owner should know about Google Instant Previews

Google recently released a new feature called “Instant Previews” into their search engine results page.    As the name suggests this feature enables a searcher to preview all of the websites on the listings page before making the decision on which website they should visit. This may seem like a small adjustment, but what does this […]

SEO and Link Building 101

It’s no secret that reaching more customers is a goal of nearly all business owners.  As I discussed in a previous post…your potential and current customers are online and searching.  There are roughly 5,500 searches that occur every second. That’s right….every second! The harsh reality is….roughly 90% of all of those searches will not venture […]

2010 Internet Marketing Predictions, Trends & Tips

It’s no secret that technology changes extremely fast.  Often times keeping up and implementing trends in technology is like hitting a moving target.  Internet marketing is no different.  From changes in Search Engine Algorithms (like Google’s Caffeine– that had a large roll out following the holidays) to new social media innovations like Posterous…The world of […]


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