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Twitter Movie Trailer…Hilarious

Contributor: David Brim August 14, 2010

As many of you may have heard, the story of Facebook is going to be hitting the big screen in a movie called “The Social Network”.  Here is the link to the official Social Network movie trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Recently the internet comedy channel Indy Mogul came up with an awesome parody video- Twitter’s movie trailer.

It has been written: Soon every aspect of social media will have its own parody Social Network trailer.

Other parody versions have already been created for YouTube and MySpace.

I found the twitter movie trailer absolutely hilarious and well worth sharing.

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as myself and those in my office did!

Social Media’s Impact on Political Campaigns – Please comment

Contributor: David Brim July 22, 2008

The emergence of social media, blogging and web 2.0 as a whole has revolutionized the way marketers reach their audience. Today the key in marketing is connecting with your customers, engaging them and building long lasting relationships with them.

This model of marketing based on engagement rather then interruption, often discussed by one of my favorite authors David Meerman Scott, is evident in many different sectors in the world around us. One of the areas I feel social media and new age marketing has revolutionized the most is in political promotions.

Politicians, or the new age marketers that work for them, realize the importance and power that tapping into social media and the blogosphere can do for their popularity & campaign ROI (So to speak).

To my surprise I recently found that Barack Obama is active on twitter (He has about 48,000 followers). In addition to that it has almost become a standard for candidates to have a Myspace and Facebook profile as well as be active on YouTube. The image above is from John McCain’s MySpace Profile where he has nearly 60,000 friends.

Being as busy as a presidential candidate is it’s odd to me that Barack tweets extremely often and John McCain logs into his MySpace profile daily. (I know I find it difficult even posting on my blog consistently). It is clearly someone else that manages these social media properties for them, which brings me to several question I have for my readers…..

With the understanding that social media is about connecting to real people and having real conversations…..

1) Do you think someone posing as a politician (whether they are employed by the candidate or not) on these social networking /Web 2.0 properties is going to have a positive impact on their campaign? Why or why not?

2) What do you feel is the best social media tactic for a politician to use to grow awareness of his views and connect to potential voters?

3)What is the biggest impact social media has had on political campaigns?


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