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GroupTable Makes Top 10 Best Classroom 2.0 Applications List

By: David Brim February 7, 2009

GroupTable has made Huddlemind’s Top 10 Best Classroom 2.0 Applications ListHuddlemind  is a specialist social-media education and eventing company. They also own and operates a Social Network of Educators and Organizational Development practitioners at huddlemind.net.

Here’s Dave Duarte (Co-founder of Huddleminds) list:

1. Udutu: Easily author and publish courses online

2. Engrade: Web-based tools for educators – including tools to keep track of marks and publish assignments

3. Haiku LS: Easy, elegant learning management system

4. Grouptable: GroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication.

5. Edufire: Learn online with live video

6. Global Classroom: Create elearning centres to train staff or clients.

7. Adobe Connect Pro: Host classes live via the web

8 . Schoolrack: Manage class mailing lists, calendars and assignments in one place for both teachers and students.

9. Studeous: enhance courses with tools like live chat, discussion boards, podcasting, and text messaging.

10. Edmodo: Free private micro-blogging (like Twitter) for teachers and students.

Thanks for including us in your list Dave!

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