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If Facebook Existed Years Ago…

By: David Brim September 20, 2010

Have you ever thought what it would be like if Facebook existed years ago?

I recently came across this funny post on cafe mom…Well worth sharing!

Hope you get some laughs from it.


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    I’m actually kind of in your situation. This girl flirts with my boyfriend too, he actually used to like her years ago. But she lives here, so it’s like, god dammit….

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    Which algorithm can be used for providing suggestions for joining a particular community as done on facebook?

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    If facebook existed that many years ago, no one would hate it and it would have laws.

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    You have a right choice here with have a golden thought.if Facebook existed since the evolution of Humans on earth.

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    I really want to pursue him while I still hopefully have a chance but I don’t know what to do! I need help!!

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    i added him on facebook, and then “creeped” on him for a while. I didn’t think he even knew I existed. Well after the year went by, he commented on my wall “don’t i walk past you every day……

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    What Would Happen If Facebook Existed Years Ago?

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    I love it! Too Funny I love the one with Franklin and Jefferson

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    Its cool! I also use face book personally and also do social media.

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    Wow very latest title sharing telling about ”Facebook Existed Years Ago” that is very true sharing thanks for it.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    David: That’s pretty damn funny! I like the Isaac Newton comment 😛

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    Ha this is hilarious… Thanks for sharing. I especially like the Asteroid coming towards Earth

  • Andrew

    heh…great post. I wish it could be possible now. That you post something and Tyrannosourus Rex repplies to you…it would be a great fun. Nice idea of making such comparison. I think Facebook would love that joke =).

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    I stopped talking to him after the first time we talked, and we’ve never talked again..

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    Facebook left everyone behind in popularity. Its main rival twitter moves to 2nd position. People love to share their ideas on facebook and also boosting their business..

  • selling used books

    Love it. ROFLMAO!!!! I love cafe mom.

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    Just read this post for the second time… laughed out loud again.

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    Haha, that made me laugh out loud, for real. I guess the Columbia one could be somewhat in bad taste but still, the rest are hilarious.

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    That’s hilarious. My favorite is the church trying to shut everyone up. That sounds just like them.

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    I think It is really a good platform to connect with friends.Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.keep it up…..

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    I really love Facebook.. I’m such an addict Facebook user… It helps me with my business and find my old friends which is really cool to keep in touch with old buddies!

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    May i make a bit of advice? I think you have had something good above. But suppose you provided a few references to a page which supports what youre saying? Or perhaps you might offer us something to look at, something that would link up just what you are saying, something more tangible?

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