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Land More Customers – Book update and infographic

By: David Brim April 1, 2013

I wanted to take the time to give everyone an update on the status of my book – Land More Customers through Online Marketing.  The book’s content is done and so are the illustrations.  Currently the book’s layout and design is being finalized then we’ll do one more round of proof reading / editing.  Following that the book will be ready for sale / publishing!

I’ve added an inforgraphic that was created to promote the book below.  This infographic’s design and content will likely change slightly, but I thought it was ready to share.

I hope you enjoy it!

Land More Customers - David Brim

I’ll keep everyone updated on the status of the book!

If you’re interested in getting notified when the book is ready to launch please provide your name and email address here and I’ll be sure to notify you.



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David Brim is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and investor based in Central Florida. He is the general partner of the Orlando Opportunity Fund, focused on advancing communities through investments in early stage companies and commercial real estate. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, where he majored in marketing, David is the only two-time winner of the school’s Joust Business Plan Competition. Brim has founded numerous businesses in Central Florida across industries such as marketing, technology (SaaS & online directories), real estate, and e-commerce. In 2017 he founded Orlando Entrepreneurs a central hub created to connect, cultivate and celebrate entrepreneurs in Central Florida.


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