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Randy Paush’s Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

By: David Brim July 30, 2008

Earlier this week Randy Paush, the Carnegie Mellon professor who delivered the powerful Last Lecture Achieving Your Childhood dreams, passed away from Cancer at the age of 47. I found the lecture to be extremely moving and inspirational. If you haven’t seen it, I embedded it below.

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    sorry to hear that. but his lecture “Achieving Your Childhood dreams” will remain in our hearts.

  • tires

    Wow, that’s really awe inspiring, I found it really amazing that he was able to remain positive even though he had cancer. Really wish I attended that personally, his lesson was really a good lesson on life! I am sure it inspired and changed alot of people’s life that night.

    Till then,


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    @Karen- I feel the same way

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    I agree your 100%! Motion can make things happen. No one actually learned to walk without taking the first task.

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