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Social Media Revolution

By: David Brim November 5, 2009

Think Social Media is a fad?  Think again.  I found this video had some very interesting stats.  It reminded me of the “Did you know” video I shared last year, but more geared towards social media.  Well worth watching….

It’s clear that social media can be used for many different purposes….customer service, building relationships with potential and current clients, building credibility in a niche, allowing people to share their experiences with your brand with others, staying in contact with friends, sharing valuable content and much more.

What is the primary way you use social media?

What did you think about the video….was there anything that surprised you?

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  • Cory Winingear

    Do you think that is going to work?

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    U wilt geld lenen zonder BKR toetsing? De opties hiervoor worden groter, kijk verder en ontdek hoe u wél geld kunt lenen, snel & eenvoudig.

  • selling used books

    I know many people wish it was a fad, but i think it is really here to stay.

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