How to Effectively Use Google insights for Search

With Hurricane Irene heading towards the coast of Florida I’ve had several companies ask me how they can better focus their keyword research and search engine strategies to take advantage of this. I thought I would share a tool that can be very valuable in this situation and many others. Google Insights for search is […]

What Every Business Owner should know about Google Instant Previews

Google recently released a new feature called “Instant Previews” into their search engine results page.    As the name suggests this feature enables a searcher to preview all of the websites on the listings page before making the decision on which website they should visit. This may seem like a small adjustment, but what does this […]

How Google SearchWiki Will Affect CTR & SEO/SEM

A few days ago Google added a personalized search feature called SearchWiki.  This feature allows you to bump search engine results for a term you searched for up or down, or even remove them completely from the results page.  You can also comment on a particular search result and view other people’s comments. Though this […]

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered- The Crusade Was A Success

As most of you know, based on my last few posts I have been crusading (Doing SEO techniques) to get my name back to it’s rightful spot on the top of the Google Search engine for “David Brim”.  I switched my blog platform from blogger to wordpress and ran into a bunch of problems with […]

My Crusade to Reach the #1 Spot on Google Again

So a few days ago I posted about how Google stopped indexing my blog, Filled to the Brim about a week after I switched from Blogger to WordPress.  For a long time when I typed “David Brim” into the search engines I owned nearly the whole page, now a David Brim from illonois has the […]


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