Give Me 5 Minutes and I’ll Share with you a Solid Social Media Strategy that Works

Are you a business owner who is wondering how you can get the most value out of social media? So many business owners I speak to sign up for twitter and facebook with no real strategy.  They simply sign up because they have heard the buzz about these networks, or because someone said that they […]

Doing Social Media Right

Earlier today I came across some good information about social media I thought I’d share with my readers.  The first was a presentation I found on slideshare on social media which I embedded below: How To Do Social Media Right In 2009 The next was a post I came across was by internet marketing guru […]

Social Media Revolution

Think Social Media is a fad?  Think again.  I found this video had some very interesting stats.  It reminded me of the “Did you know” video I shared last year, but more geared towards social media.  Well worth watching…. It’s clear that social media can be used for many different purposes….customer service, building relationships with […]

Twitter 101 – Twitter’s Guide for Businesses

Recently twitter published a guide called Twitter 101 to help businesses get started and get the most value from their popular application.  Twitter 101 includes: best practices, glossary of terms one should be familiar with, case studies and more.  If you are a business looking to get involved in Social Media, specifically twitter and don’t […]

Social Media Marketing- Special Free Report from Forrester Research

Social Media Marketing can be a powerful way to grow your business if done correctly. Forrester Research, a top technology and market research company recently published an excellent report explaining Sponsored Conversations and how to integrate them into your social media strategy and marketing plan to grow your business. The Forrester report is typically $749, […]


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