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The Frugal Millionaires- Jeff Lehman

By: David Brim October 18, 2008

Jeff Lehman, a former executive of Alta Vista, Webaroo and a current adviser to GroupTable recently networked with 70 Millionaires and asked them questions about how they obtained wealth, how they live their life to keep that wealth, and recommendations & ideas for others  to live their lives financially smart.  He took all of his gatherings and has been  putting together a book called The Frugal Millionaires.    Jeff told me about this book a few months back and I’ve been eagerly waiting for it’s release.  He informed me yesterday that it’s officially out…I immediately bought it on Amazon.

I feel this book will be a great investment for anyone serious about building & keeping wealth in their lives.  It’s worth the $20 to get you on the right track to financial success.  I can’t wait for my copy to arrive, knowing Jeff it’s going to be awesome!

You can also click the image below to see some press coverage on the book.

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  • Tom Humes

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

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  • David Brim

    Glad you like my blog Tom,
    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Looks good I only read self help books by people who have actually been there… otherwise they aren’t talking from experience.

  • Mignon Hauer

    I agree with you, but do you think its really accurate?

  • Prudence Gawith

    @Jim Thats good stuff

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    The link doesn’t appear to work anymore, but he is absolutely right, you need to be a frugal millionaire, and frugal in general to save money.

    Till then,


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