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Twitter Movie Trailer…Hilarious

By: David Brim August 14, 2010

As many of you may have heard, the story of Facebook is going to be hitting the big screen in a movie called “The Social Network”.  Here is the link to the official Social Network movie trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Recently the internet comedy channel Indy Mogul came up with an awesome parody video- Twitter’s movie trailer.

It has been written: Soon every aspect of social media will have its own parody Social Network trailer.

Other parody versions have already been created for YouTube and MySpace.

I found the twitter movie trailer absolutely hilarious and well worth sharing.

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as myself and those in my office did!

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  • Joel A. Montilla

    pretty funny…

    But I think it goes to show the reality behind the two social networking sites – Facebook continues to dominate and other continue to follow or hate on them, either or (500 million users is pretty impressive vs. 114 million).

    I’m a big fan of Facebook and have yet to realize Twitter’s full potential. I understand that Twitter allows for engagement of the end user as it allows for customer/partner/employee engagement – but I’m convinced Facebook does the same and more for a company and/or person who wants to use social media to their advantage.

    I see that the simplicity of it all that has allowed Twitter to gain market share, but I am equally convinced Facebook dominates in that area an in others that have yet to allow Facebook to reach it’s full potential (see: http://montillagroup.blogspot.com/2010/03/facebook-fanpage-vs-group.html)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Twitter’s demise in our short future – in my humble opinion of course…

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    Hi!I think these are really best official Social Network movie trailer on this nice video…keep it up this great watching….

  • selling used books

    Yea I am not a big fan of twitter because it distracts me too much while i am working. I still think Facebook dominates over all other social networks.

  • car battery

    Haha, that was really funny.. even though it’s almost completely true. I still like Twitter to keep in touch with my favorite sports news writers and journalists. 🙂

  • tires

    That’s hilarious!!! LoL I liked the part where the guy goes, “Noooo what is the fail whale?”

    Till then,


  • diabetes supply

    nice movie Trailer i like the twitter work !

  • Staging

    its looks like horrible but funny also…………

  • christmas shows

    Looks like it might be a good watch. Galifianakis looks funny, and it’s different enough from his previous characters to which I assumed he’d just be typecasted as. Put it on my radar.

  • diabetes supply

    hahaha, I like this way better than the MySpace trailer

  • Gas Engines

    Nice video i enjoyed it very much.

  • epoxy coating

    I think it is really a nice video with have a good Trailer..

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    Actually i am not able to seen the trailer but i have gone through the whole article and after that i would like to say that movie was good and thanks for sharing the info..


  • Newbury Park Real Estate

    Fully hilarious! Nice video i enjoyed it very much. Love to watch such type of and valuable information rich. I just love tweeting and always ready for it.

  • dizi izle

    I like this movie 🙂

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    Really faceboook and twitter both the the base social community group site’s. Almost all net users keep their account on these. I see the link video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq27k6njR40. It very informative

  • Real Estate Blog

    oohhhh what’s a painful video snap. whole hand got injured………..

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  • car purchase

    I LOVE this outfit, Indiana. This is one of my favorites so far. That skirt is so adorable! How long ago did you find it….

  • Staging

    Galifianakis looks funny, and it’s different enough from his previous characters to which I assumed he’d just be typecasted as.

  • Staging

    Thanks for shearing..my comments…

  • rent textbooks

    God, sometimes I wish facebook had just stayed true to its original form.

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    I still like Twitter to keep in touch with my favorite sports news writers and journalists. thanks..

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    Very nice post i am very happy…

  • Gas Engines

    The film is already on sale on DVD in the UK (order from azon.co.uk if you want) and was shot mostly in London late last year. We’re not sure if or when it will ever get a US release, but we’ll let you know if we see or hear anything.

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    Justin Bieber is kinda stupid cuz right after he got hit by the bottle he said “ow well that didint feel good” I mean WTF! Id kick the dude that threw it out of the concert…

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  • Garageband Loops

    Lets hope the script is written in 140 character bursts. Now that would be genius.

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    I saw a movie on twitter (The Reverend)by Last Rites Flim , starting Dwight Yoakam. when dose it come out?

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    ohhh its a painfull video…yes its really hilarious..

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    This is hilarious. Thanks for posting

  • Bed Hardware

    I like that movie Social Network… I really salute the guy who did Facebook… At a young age his earning billions of dollars!

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