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WTF Google?

By: David Brim October 8, 2008

I recently had a great blog re-design from the Unique Blog Design guys and everything was going great with my transition from blogger to wordpress until….I decided to do a quick google search for my name

This really suprised me…I’ve ranked first in google for as long as I can remember.  Not only did I rank first, but I owned every result on the first page except one.  Now some guy from Illionois has taken the top spot…wtf Google?

My blog Filled to the Brim (davidbrim.org) isn’t even ranked on the first or second page…It’s does appear on the third, however it’s a link with my old page structure and when I click the link it says “Page not found”

I did a ping on google for my blog earlier, but don’t know what else I should do.  I would appreciate any insight or comments to resolve this issue.

Problem Solved.

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David Brim

David Brim is an Orlando based entrepreneur and marketing strategist turned investor. He is COO & VP of Investor Relations at MMI, a Real Estate Development & Investment Firm based in Central Florida with current projects exceeding $500M. He is also the founding partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Orlando Opportunity Fund, focused on advancing Central Florida communities through investments in early stage companies and commercial real estate. David has founded many early stage ventures across a variety of industries including software, marketing, ecommerce, and real estate. He has been featured in one of the most popular entrepreneurship textbooks “Successfully Launching New Ventures”, authored a best selling book on digital marketing, and worked with over 1,000 second stage businesses. Read full bio.


  • Bubba Moe

    Google is crap anymore, the search engine has become so commercial, it makes me sick, I even tried to send a complaint letter to them, but if you go to the contact us page you cant find where to send your input, GOOGLE HAS SOLD OUT.

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    It happened to me also… i usually use Google to search for news results every day on Ron Paul but there is a glitch and something is working right. earch on yahoo news and you’ll get some of the stories but not near as many as you would with Google.

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    Google is quite the pain! I can’t tell you how many times they have messed me up.

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