Your Customers Are Online….Are They Finding You or Your Competition?

Have you ever thought about how many people are online today?  Sure it sounds like common sense….people use the internet, but have you ever really thought about it?

How Many People Are Online?

There are over 307 million people in the United States according to the US Census Bureau.  Of this number about 220 million people in the US use the internet.  The 87 million people that aren’t online include infants, small children, Amish people, hicks, some older adults and maybe a few people who have lived in a box for their whole life…The fact is nearly everyone is online. This includes you, your friends, your family and most importantly….your potential customers.

It’s sometimes hard to put large numbers into perspective, so I’m going to try.  As I said there are 220 million people in the US that use the internet.  Yankee Stadium holds: 57,545 people at it’s capacity.

Two hundred twenty million people would fill up Yankee Stadium almost 4,000 times- That’s how many people are online in the US alone!

When you’re in a filled stadium like that, in a long line at an amusement park or sitting in traffic jam just think….all of these people are online searching for information just like me.

How Many Searches Occur Daily?

There are roughly 14.3 billion searches every month.  This is according to a research study done by comScore who constantly gathers information from all the major search engines.  That means over 476 million searches occur every day or over 5,500 searches every second.  People are searching for any and everything, including your product, or services as well as the problems your business can solve.  These motivated consumers are going to find someone.  Will it be you or one of your competitors?

How do you Stack up?

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  1. David,

    I really enjoyed reading this post about SEO. The Yankee Stadium comparison really made me realize how many people are online, and how what users search for is key. I definitely wouldn’t want my company’s competitors getting business just because they have positioned themselves correctly on the web. This article is something I plan on sharing with my fellow employees and network.

    I look forward to reading more posts in the future!



  2. You are right Ashley, we all wanna to read more post about this. Its very informative and useful. thanks for sharing it.

  3. @Ashley….Glad you enjoyed the post. I tried to really paint a clear picture for people that is easy to digest. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that high of a number of people and put it into context.

    thanks for commenting!

  4. @Carpet Cleaning Gold

    If you have anything specific you’d like me to write about next let me know.

    I’m glad you found this post informative.

    thanks for stopping by

  5. Another way to know about other businesses and to make your stronger is to find their weaknesses. If they have trouble with customer support, for instance, advertise customer support more than the shipping aspect.

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  7. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the previous searches in the search space on the net?

  8. It’s fun looking at those numbers and putting it into perspective just how much search potential there is out there, with all those number of searches daily, the internet is wide open for all of us to make a decent earning from it! =D

    Till then,


  9. @hairloss…..I agree looking at the competition is important. I would recommend doing a SWOT analysis in general. Look at your businesses strengths and weaknesses as well as your competitors then analyze the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketplace then tailor your strategies accordingly.

    @diabetes supply….delete your cookies and clear your temporary internet files that should do it…But if you’re logged into google while searching they monitor all searches you make internally.

    @thanks for stopping by Jean! I agree….it really is an eye opening thing to think about.

    thanks for commenting everyone

  10. @David Brim– Thanks for reply me. I will tell you if i want some thing special.

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  14. Great article brim. Now i have understood clearly that why i receive very less visitors during saturday and sunday :d
    Your article is a great comparison for my doubt 😀

  15. Welcome to avon!! I have sold avon for years now. They have a website called eRepresentative and that’s how you sign up for getting customers to order online. Call as many people as you know and let them you are selling it.

  16. Paypal is an industry standard for payment collection. Check out their website for the different programs they offer. Customers have to create an account I believe, but then they can pay with whatever (checkcard, MC, Visa, even check?) they are most comfortable with.

  17. I’ve managed to find various numbers for total internet population. As well as finding some numbers about how many people claim to use it ‘every day’. But the number I’m trying to find is:

  18. I am trying to start my own online jewelry webiste, and I have never done this before. So I am wondering how on earth do I ship the proucts to the customers? Do I have to pay the shipping? Is there a cash on delivery service? How do all the small business people ship nationwide without that money coming out of their own pocket?

  19. Interesting stats David. When there are that many people online, it shows how important it is to be near the top of the search engine results for your target keywords. If your competitors are ranked above you, people may buy from them without ever seeing your website. To get serious traffic you really need to be ranked in the top 3.

  20. If you’re dealing with the credit card processor directly, find out what they require to secure a transaction from being reversed and make sure you have it for every sale. I’m also not above lying when dealing with liars.

  21. To make your stronger is to find their weaknesses. If they have trouble with customer support, for instance, advertise customer support more than the shipping aspect.

  22. You’d think that with that many people online that there would be enough market share to go around. Some traffic and sales may trickle down to you, but if you want serious business, it is crucial to be ranked well on the search engines. You want your potential customers to find you as early on their search as possible. The lower you are ranked, the less chance there is that those potential customers will even visit your website.

  23. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right”? Is this situation as morally bad as I think it is?

  24. I had no idea about how many users were on the internet. I knew the number had to be high. Its kinda mind blowing. I got a chuckle out of who isn’t using them, “people who have lived in a box their whole life” too funny.

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