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Who is David Brim?

Marketing strategist and entrepreneur turned investor. Twin Dad. Husband. Life long learner.

 David Brim is an Orlando based entrepreneur and marketing strategist turned investor. He was previously the COO & VP of MMI, a real estate development and investment firm, specializing in multi-family and mixed use projects across the country. Mr. Brim is also the founding partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Orlando Opportunity Fund, focused on advancing Central Florida communities through investments in early stage tech companies and commercial real estate. David has founded many early stage ventures across a variety of industries including software, marketing, ecommerce, and real estate. He has been featured in one of the most popular entrepreneurship textbooks “Successfully Launching New Ventures”, authored a best selling book on digital marketing, and worked with over 1,000 second stage businesses. Read full bio.

My primary focus…

Since 2021 my primary focus has been on multifamily and mixed use real estate development in markets such as Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Gainesville and Austin, TX. In addition, Orlando Opportunity Fund, which I co-founded, has invested in a handful of Central Florida based Tech Startups. I’m currently open to new joint ventures, investments, consulting, and other opportunities within real estate, tech & finance.

Other cool stuff I’m doing…


Obtaining financing from banks has its benefits, but funding options can be limited and require lots of documentation, credit checks, and more. Founder Funders leverages a vast network of direct funders to find the most appropriate financing solution to fit your unique circumstance. We source debt capital for numerous funding needs including business expansion, working capital, inventory, bridge loans, real estate acquisition, new construction, and more. Funding amounts across our various funding options range from $5,000 to over $1B+



I am the Chief Strategy Officer and founding partner of the Orlando Opportunity Fund. We are committed to producing solid investor returns while transforming Central Florida communities and our local economy through investments in real estate and early stage companies. Investors can leverage unprecedented Federal tax incentives enacted in December 2017 and convert their capital gains into an investment in a qualified opportunity fund such as ours.



Bright Impact is a consulting, software and fund administration company focused on Opportunity Zones. The Opportunity Zones program offers attractive tax incentives to investors with capital gains that invest in qualified opportunity funds with the purpose of both generating returns and creating a positive impact in communities across America. We are also founding members of the Opportunity Zone Alliance, which connects and educates the Opportunity Zone community through a number of online media properties such as Opportunity Zone Hub and OpportunityZonesMap.com.


Bright Impact

I am the founder of Orlando Entrepreneurs, the hub for Central Florida entrepreneurship. We believe that a better connected entrepreneurial community is a stronger and more effective one. We are committed to creating a cohesive & abundant entrepreneurial ecosystem that will put Orlando on the map as a top location for founders to start, grow and reinvest. We do this by connecting, cultivating and celebrating Orlando Entrepreneurs through our resource center, podcast and events.



Props from a few advising & consulting clients…

Renee L, Kansas Entrepreneur

“David just made such a huge impact on my business. He furnished so many deliverables and they were all the things that I was struggling with. These were the things that I could not quite wrap my brain around and his deliverables were exactly what I needed and I didn’t not know that I needed them. He knew what we needed and I did not and that is where part of the confusion was in my head and he pretty much just gave it to me on a silver platter and said “Here is what you need to work on”. It has made a difference. I also appreciated that there was a lot of meaning behind the suggestions. It was not just empty words.”

Zach R, Louisiana Entrepreneur

“David Brim was awesome, he really hit the areas that would help us specifically know and reach the target clientele we are looking for. He also helped our branding and even made a new suggestion for the company domain name which I really liked and use now. The information provided was extremely valuable and has really shaped the future for my business. I’d work with David any time.”

Ron M, Florida Entrepreneur

“David’s work was really great. He showed us what we didn’t even know existed with regard to social media and marketing. The keyword research and help with Google Adwords was also awesome.”

Richard S, Michigan Entrepreneur

“David is great to work with, knowledgeable and helped us tremendously with improving our website and harnessing all the benefits of LinkedIn.”

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