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Entrepreneurs see things others miss- Do you?

By: David Brim December 21, 2008

Entrepreneurs have a strong ability to see what other people miss. The best entrepreneurs use this ability to identify opportunities and create a venture(s) that fill a void or improve quality of life in some way. Almost all times the best way to find a potential entrepreneurial opportunity is to become extremely aware of problems you and those around you face, as well as limitations in existing products or services. When everybody else is complaining and thinking about a situation negatively that’s usually a fertile ground for innovation. When you become a problem solver and consistently practice this ability it will start to become natural and you’ll notice things that other people miss, even if it’s right in front of their very eyes.

If you didn’t see the moon walking bear going by the first time that’s ok. The key is to make identifying things others miss a habit so when that potential million dollar opportunity comes moon walking by you can see it and take advantage of it.

In addition to being able to seeing things others miss, I feel the best entrepreneurs have a strong sense of urgency, strong immunity to rejection and the ability to cost effectively bring the best resources together to accomplish their goals.

What characteristics do you feel the best entrepreneurs possess?

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  • Erik | Vaifanua

    Good point. I think the mindset and attitude are important, and what tend to set entrepreneurs apart. They can open a newspaper and see there opportunities for making money, while other people just see problems. They can be driving around a neighborhood, or wandering around online, and yet when they look at these things, there’s a tendency to look for the angles, to either see them as what buyers are looking for, or as a means to connect with buyers to sell something.

  • David Brim

    @Erik well said.

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    Wow that is interesting. I am surprised by the video. and yes i saw the moon-walking bear.

  • tires

    I would add tenacity as a great characteristic of alot of great entrepreneurs. They never given up, and continue to battle for what they believe in.

    Till then,


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