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Never Let You Down- Story of the Month

By: David Brim October 2, 2008

A few weeks back Never Let You Down’s founder/CEO , and long time friend James Betterson contacted me and asked me if he could interview and feature me in his monthly motivational story.  Never Let You Down is a great new company created to motivate and inspire people around the world, they sell motivational products and are expanding to many other venues as well. I graciously accepted and today the interview was published.  You can read the interview on Never Let You Down’s Website or their motivational blog.

I look forward to seeing Never Let You Down progress in the upcoming years.  I know James has the Never Let You Down mentality engrained in his heart and know great things will be coming to him.

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  • Rueben Arbour

    @Jen- I was thinking the same thing

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  • selling used books

    That is really cool. I had never heard of this blog before. That is also a great name for a motivational site. Looking forward to checking out Never Let You Down Interview!

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